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Funny thing is…

I’ve been more worried about organizing and cleaning the house for the past few days than I have about my impending dentist appointment. I guess that says something about my personal growth. (I sure hope it does, anyway.)

Anyway, I have some more story teasers for later this month. *wink* Look out for them!

Rachel Aseltine R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

Why do I roleplay?

Honestly… I roleplay because I love to write and I know my partner at least will be reading it and that they’ll care what happens next in the story. They’re a part of it, so they’re every bit as invested as I am. When I write alone, I don’t get that same feeling. In fact, I start feeling despair the further I go on by myself that everything I’m writing will forever be left unread and it’s depressing. Like what’s the point?

Most of the things I write aren’t things the people around me in real life care about so I don’t show them what I’m writing or get any input. It’s lonely. Roleplay allows me to do my number one favorite thing: write–and it matters to at least the one person I’m writing with. That’s all that matters and all I ever wanted. Being rich and famous? Not really and that’s why I become less motivated to spit out novels as time goes on. Read More

2015 so far

Ah, the new year has not been kind to me thus far. After a series of toothaches, and a marriage, I’ve finally manned up and gone to the dentist. My first attempt was a step forward but not what I had hoped it would be. Only 5 x-rays were usable and the dentist decided it would be better if I went to another dentist that specialized in sedation dentistry. The place he recommended did not fully cover the costs of my treatment so we had to cancel that appointment and make another on the same day at a place recommended to us by Jason’s cousin. Read More

The New Year Is Almost Here

I thought I would share a recent comment I made on Facebook because it’s so true!

It’s been a busy year and some amazing stuff has happened. This is the year my sister got married, my best friend got married, and I got married. This is the year when I went out to my very first concert with my best friend and stayed at the best hotel I’ve ever been to! This is the year that I went on a road trip all the way up northern California, where I got to see where my husband’s family grew up, and I got to take a ferry around the San Francisco bay. This is the year I went to Kcon and got to meet one of my best online friends. This is the year my little nephew Harley was born. This is the year I finally got to see where my best friend moved, where we watched old anime and even went whale watching. Read More

Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again: Christmas! It’s been an eventful December for us. My toothache came roaring back and my face swelled up. I had to go to the urgent care clinic out here to get some antibiotics. The timing was awful, since we just bought a thousand gifts only a couple days beforehand.

Oh and the antibiotics! Well, I have a severe choking phobia and so I don’t swallow large pills. The small ones, about Advil sized or smaller, I can take now, through a bit of training. But antibiotics are traditionally pretty large and these ones were no exception. Luckily, the pharmacist said I could open up the capsules and pour the powder into pudding to take them. Read More

A rant on the fear of old roleplay sites

I suppose there’s no real way to get stubborn people outside their comfort zones. I mean, we did just get three new members on Somnia in the last week, which is pretty amazing after months of nothing. But two of those members are new to RP and were brought in by one of our older members and a long time RPing friend of mine.

Also… People say things like they never want to join older sites but how are they going to feel when their site is five years old and it’s like pulling teeth to get new members? I’ll bet you anything they’ll be saying the same things I am. My members are pretty excited whenever somebody new shows up because it hardly ever happens. They’re definitely not shunning or hazing anybody. In fact, they usually go out of their way to present them with plot ideas. Read More

Haru + Lumps

The hairy vet bill.

The hairy vet bill.

My guinea pig, Haru has a weird lump on his throat right now. For those of you who don’t know, I got Haru back in July while I was vacationing at my friend’s place in Grover beach. A couple weeks back, I noticed he had a weird lump on his neck but I didn’t think much of it. It seemed to grow bigger and I panicked–but then it went down again, so I’m not sure what the heck it is. From researching the web, it seems that lumps are normal and typically not harmful but I wanted to be sure… So I took Haru into the vet. Read More

Vacation Extended

…And coming to a close now. Yep. When I got home from my vacation up to Northern California, I got a call from my best friend. She wanted me to come down and finally see where she had moved ages ago. Grover Beach is a very nice and relaxed community nestled between a number of much busier beach-side communities (like Pismo and Morro Bay). I’ll be leaving back for Taft tomorrow afternoon but I’m going to miss the weather and the gorgeous sites of this place.

As I vacation, however, I realize that I really have changed a lot in just the last five years. There was a time where I never would have taken as many risks as I’ve been taking lately. None of this even sounds risky to others–going out to Northern California, coming out to Grover Beach. They’re all normal things. For me? Not the case. It’s been tough for me to go out and do the things people take for granted. Taking long trips made me anxious because I worried about all the things that could go wrong. What if we crashed? What if somebody got sick? What if we took a wrong turn somewhere? I didn’t want to be trapped and so I freaked out and built things up in my head. Read More

Time For A Vacation!

On Friday June 13, 2014, my guinea pig Stryker passed away. He had complications with his teeth which made it difficult for him to eat. Three vet visits later and he died in the vet’s office of a heart attack. Already sick and in pain, he couldn’t handle the stress of the examination. I blame myself for not noticing his teeth problems much earlier and even for taking him to the vet but I didn’t know that it was going to send him over the edge. As they say, hindsight is 20/20… Read More