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[Serial] Alive Part 1

Long, wicked black claws curled around his closet door with a soft tick-tick sound. One narrow red eye peered through the slim opening, glowing imperiously. Everything else in the room was cast in deep shadow. Only that eye and those claws seemed visible in a sea of darkness.

Matthew held his breath and watched. He tried not to move. He tried not to exist. Wide hazel eyes remained fixed on the claws because the eye filled him with cold dread. That eye paralyzed him.

Visions of blood and claw marks flashed through his memory, sepia and red film reeling violently. Matthew could not breathe. He couldn’t think. He closed his eyes. He trembled. Read More

School’s starting soon!

I thought I’d be more nervous at this point. The only thing I’m a little worried about is getting to and from school at this point. I may be able to walk it (badly) in the morning if need be but I’m not too keen on walking the streets after 9pm.

I’ve got my books now so I’ve been looking over those. It all looks pretty standard. I’m tempted to start reading them now but it might be better to have it fresh in my mind while we’re actually at the point I’m studying so… I’ll resist my temptation. Heheh. Read More

KCON here I come!

I’m going to Kcon again this year. I wasn’t going to be a part of that mess until I saw that GOT7 was going to be one of the acts. Yay! That’s happening in August and after that, I’ll be starting school so August is going to be a busy month for me! I haven’t forgotten my idea for a serial however and I intend to start updating twice a month.

New Layout

As you may have noticed, I changed up the layout for something cleaner and simpler. As much as the old one conveyed the fact that this is a writer’s blog, it was just a bit too messy for me. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick to this one but for now, it satisfies my need for something more modern and streamlined.

I’m still working on a serial idea. I had one for a moment but considering the subject matter, it didn’t actually feel like a good serial idea and more of a short story. Read More

A serial…?

I’m considering starting up a serial here just to have something to blog about that isn’t life crap and reviews. I’m supposed to be a WRITER ninja, right? I just need to figure out what I want to write about… and keep it simple because it feels like making things overly complicated is always my downfall. I’ll keep you guys posted and see what I can come up with.

Today’s Drama

Well, today was pretty eventful. I got my blood test results back and I have a vitamin D deficiency. That’s not surprising, given how little I go outside. Apparently I also have to watch my cholesterol and take in a little more potassium. WEIRD, since I hardly eat any meat (and rarely red meat) and I eat a lot of bananas and melons. But, the important part here is that I don’t have any hormonal deficiencies so… there’s no medical reason for why I’m the way I am. Uh-oh. Read More

Top 10 Video Game Theme Songs

10. I’m going to start this list with a fun classic. Final Fantasy VIII wasn’t amongst the most popular games but whether you loved or hated the game itself, you have to admit that the music was still top notch. So my number ten slot goes to:

The Man With The Machine Gun – Final Fantasy VIII

9. Here’s a different type of song right here, replete with interesting xylophone sounds. Dimentio was my favorite Paper Mario character, hands down. But this song is even better. Love it! Read More

Novel Updates

My novel’s up for critique and I’ve received several reviews already. I’m pretty excited about the direction of this novel. I’ve also commissioned artwork of the three main characters, so keep an eye out for those. I plan to link them here when they’re finished! In the meantime, check out this review excerpt:

I enjoyed reading this a lot. You immediately drop the reader into situation where there has obviously been a fair amount of action already having taken place—so I’m interested finding out how we got to this point—and clearly there’s a fair amount of action yet to come—which I also want to know. Read More

Funny thing is…

I’ve been more worried about organizing and cleaning the house for the past few days than I have about my impending dentist appointment. I guess that says something about my personal growth. (I sure hope it does, anyway.)

Anyway, I have some more story teasers for later this month. *wink* Look out for them!