Ack! Naming the main character

Yikes, so here’s the part where I start thinking about names, but specifically for the main character. For me, the name can make or break the character. I want something distinctive but not too wild, since this isn’t a fantasy novel. (Although I have to admit, some of my favorite names are my fantasy characters. Raieth is still a favorite of mine but I really loved Tarragon Sage, too.)

Sometimes, it can take me hours to name a character. Since I only have a few more minutes before I go to bed (should have been in bed hours ago), I’ll probably have to sleep on it. I have a handful of names down that I’d like to use but I need just the right one that fits my main character’s personality… Something that screams… Him.

I also try to steer clear of names that have a very clear and famous persona… Edward, for example, is the name of a couple of well-known characters. I can’t be totally original but I don’t want to be too common or too famous, either. And I like names like Sebastian but in this case, I’m not sure it will fit.

…Or maybe it will.


Well, I’ll keep you updated. Until tomorrow! Goodnight.

Rachel Aseltine

R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

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