One day at a time

One day at a time.

I practically live by this mantra. Thinking about the future sends me into a frothing frenzy of anxiety. Thinking about the past causes me to pick apart every little thing I’ve EVER done and cringe at how awful a person I am. So the only option left is to live right now, in the only moment I will ever be able to really live in. This one moment, this second and the next. Slowly. Breathe.

For the most part, this method of living does help but there are times where it makes things so much more difficult to navigate in life. For example, when living day to day, the day I’m living in becomes that much more important. Every single little thing that happens in that one day will have a bigger overall effect on me than it should.

A couple of harsh words can send me spiraling into an abyss with pain so great that I feel I don’t deserve–or want–to live anymore. It’s not over-dramatization. In that moment of time, I don’t want to be alive. That scares me, especially as I’m naturally afraid of death when I’m not consumed by mental anguish.

The same can be said for the happiness of a moment. When I close my eyes and I’m listening to my current favorite song, I am swept in that moment. I’m in the song, I’m following the notes, the lyrics, the voices. They’re taking me on a journey. I love those moments. I feel truly at peace.

One day at a time.

It sounds so simple and it can be quite effective but one needs to remember that it also has its pitfalls. There is no single way of living that doesn’t come with a few unpleasant side effects.

I just have to remember in stressful moments that I’m living that moment, that I can’t rely on the fact that tomorrow is a new day. Striving for that new day brings hope but it also doesn’t help me in the moment. I need to focus instead on the moment I’m in and to find ways to enjoy it, to remind myself that the things that are trying to crowd my mind and overwhelm me will all have THEIR own moment later. Not NOW. LATER. There’s no use in going into a panic attack about an upcoming test, not if I am still taking each moment as it comes. Arrange time to do that work and leave it in that moment.

It works for me most days but occasionally, I take a little tumble. I’ll be okay though.

Tattoos I Want

Okay, the prompt was actually, “Tattoos I have and why” but since I do not CURRENTLY have tattoos, I’ll talk about the one I would ideally like to get (if I can ever choose where to put it, since putting it on my upper arm is apparently “too masculine.”)

So I’d like to get a black and purple stylized bat because bats are my favorite animal. Underneath the bat, I’d like it to say “Save Me” which has several meanings. Some of them are quite personal however, although they are also a part of several of my favorite songs as well!

I’m not sure this would count as multiple tats though. I think it’s just be one, since I’d like the words to be in fancy cursive style beneath the stylized bat or perhaps even on her wings.

Where I would live (but haven’t visited)

So it’s been a LONG time but it’s about time to get back on the writing train. I dropped the 30 day writing challenge some time ago but I’m going to pick up where I left off.

Today’s topic is where I would like to live but have never visited.

I really want to say Ireland but it’s tough to choose an entirely different country when I’ve never been out of the country. There could be laws or traditions in the area that I’m not ready to commit to. So for this topic I’m going to choose somewhere in Oregon. A smaller town near a rural area but close to a big city. Maybe.

Or it might be nice to live somewhere I don’t have to rely on having a car. Maybe it would be nice to live in the heart of one of the big cities and take a bus to the places I want to go. I could visit galleries and museums. I could go to nice cafes.

I’ve heard the weather in Oregon is really nice, too.

Washington could be nice as well, though. I like rain. It used to rejuvenate me. I’m not really so sure what it does for me now, since I haven’t felt like myself in some time.

But yeah! I suppose I’d choose to live somewhere in the northern pacific area. I don’t want to live on the East coast or really anywhere that gets a lot of heavy snowfall or scary storms. I don’t like this desert heat where I live but I also don’t like it when it gets too cold, either!


I am so tired. I am so exhausted. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. Something is wrong. I haven’t felt right in weeks. Steadily I have been losing weight. Food feels disgusting in my mouth. I can’t stand the texture. It makes me want to gag. Even things I like taste good for only a bite or two.

I have been reaching for something to make me feel good. Something cute to wear. Something to take my mind away from what goes through my head over and over again.

These voices inside that are full of self doubt. What am I doing with my life? Why can’t I succeed? I can’t help but compare myself to others my age and younger. I see them going places while I remain stagnant.

What is the point of going to school? What is the point of waking up?

The first one I don’t know how to answer. I thought I had a plan and then I panicked and changed it. Now the new plan… does it even matter? I feel worthless. What am I learning in these classes? Stagnant.

I wake up for my pets. They need me. They give me purpose. It gives me reason and will to live because I must feed them. Water them. Talk to them. Pet them. I do it every single morning before I take my vitamins and my pills.

After that. What? The sense of dread and anxiety starts. I don’t know what I am doing. I keep reaching. I play stupid mobile games but no longer care about getting X character. Yeah who cares. Set the game down.

Watch the same shit. Fall asleep. Wake up feeling even more like I was hit by a truck.

I find joy in building. Sites. Worlds. Getting shit started.

But when it’s time to play.

Where does it go? The will to do it. The will is not there. But I keep grasping for it. Hoping I will feel it again. The sense of purpose. No. The sense of joy.

I cannot stop crying. I don’t know why. I am back. Exactly back where I was when I desperately reached out for mental health help.

I am medicated and I feel exactly the same way. Maybe. Maybe even worse.

Why can’t I stop crying? I feel selfish. Ungrateful. I feel like an awful human being. I have so many things in my life to be happy for. Family who loves me deeply. A husband who loves me even if I don’t feel like he does right now. I have so many beautiful pets who need me.

And all I can think about. All I can see is my own misery. And I hate it.

I was always anxious. My whole life. But this deep sense of sadness. I don’t know what to do with it. I just want it to stop. I just want to feel happy again. I don’t know how.

I need help. But I don’t know where to go. Medications. No. They were a miracle for some things. But for the rest? Pointless.

Because here I am. 4am. Typing this on my phone with tears running down my face. And I feel this dark. Horrible. Knot of misery and pain in my chest and my throat and my head. I feel it in my legs my toes. I just want it to stop. Please make it stop.

Every Night

Eyes closed tight, head so weary

Darkness bathed in artificial light

Every night, this burden so scary

Eyes open and nothing feels right


Listen, focus for a familiar sound

Heart pounds staccato hard to the moon

Moving my head, my body around

Nerves frayed, soothed by the midnight croon


Eyes sleepily close again

Heart begins to slow

Whisper to ten

Tonight I say “no”



It’s that time of year again!

Yes, that’s right. It’s birthday time.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with a lot of problems, most of them trapped inside of my own mind. For as long as I can remember, I was always extremely introverted and I had a habit of living inside my head. I made up stories for everything and maybe sometimes I let those stories bleed into real life, becoming assumptions.

I’m afraid of a lot of things in life. I want to do a lot of things or express myself better but I’m not good at it. I’ve always been in this weird place where I boldly take charge when I’m with people I feel safe and comfortable with but when I don’t know people, I withdraw into my shell and I am content to simply watch and observe everybody else.

Now that I’m 32, I feel like some of the rough edges are sanding down a bit but there’s a lot of jagged edges that still need to be worked on. I have issues and I know that it can make me so difficult to work with or live with sometimes. I’m particular about how I like to do things and I want things in a certain state of order. I don’t mind a bit of a mess but full on chaos throws me off and drives me crazy. I like having a routine and I really don’t like when that routine is messed up in any way. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken for a good reason, either. I still approach that with apprehension.

I run away a lot. I run away from a lot of things, like my own problems and having to face them. I don’t always share things with people when I know that I should. I hold onto things until they hurt and fester into a poisonous infection. I don’t do it on purpose but I often feel like my feelings aren’t worth much. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, there is a lot more out there than my issues.

Which brings me to one of the things that has always bothered me about how other people see me. I am well aware that I can be a selfish person at times, though I have been working on it. But the way some people word it, it’s as if I don’t think about other people at all. Sometimes I feel like I think about other people TOO much. I’m constantly worried about things I don’t even want to worry about. I admire people who can put others before themselves so much and I want to be like those people. I do my best but I’m also sorta trying to save myself too. Still, the plight of others worries me, like when people get surgeries or they are hospitalized. I have terrible fears of hospitals. I’m always afraid the people who go there won’t come back because some of my earliest memories regarding hospitals are of my mother mourning her father, who passed away in a hospital.

For a long time, that kept me away from seeing even doctors at clinics.

I’m wondering what’s changed since last year. I feel like there are things I’ve done that I wouldn’t have a year ago, five years ago. I still feel like there’s a lot left to go. I am more anxious than I have been in a long time, though. It’s a new and different kind of anxiety and I constantly wonder if I’m capable of handling this. I know I’m doing the right thing by asking for help, although in the past, I wouldn’t have.

I hope this time next year, I am a freer and happier woman. I hope that many of insecurities will diminish in some way, even if just a little. I want to find the world a joyous place to live. I want to feel the way I felt when I rode the ferry in San Francisco again. I want to be able to walk along a beach with grey skies overhead with people that I care most about. I want to pet all the guinea pigs and play ball with all the dogs. I want to make messy books full of memories of my cats and all the guinea pigs who came before Minion. I want to go to pretty gardens and wander through missions. I want to go on more trips with my husband and with my sister and my mom and my nephews. I want to laugh until my stomach hurts and I can hardly breathe, at stupid videos with my brother. I don’t feel like the things that make me happy are that huge.

I don’t want to keep worrying if I’m eating enough or if I’m going to choke if I deign to swallow the food I love. I want to go back to loving food again. I miss food. I’m envious every time I see people guzzling a glass of ice cold water. Here’s to hoping the help I’ve sought will be the one to help me get that back.

Life Rant

One of these days, I’ll be able to use my own bathroom and not have somebody else’s towel hanging on my hook. One of these days, I’ll be able to leave my razor on the little soap shelf without going in and finding somebody else’s razor sitting there instead. One day, I won’t have to take a shower angry thinking about these things, about the hairs on the counter and the shit stains in the toilet.

I have to keep reminding myself this will happen one day. Because if I don’t, I think I’m going to strangle some people.

Ten interesting facts about myself

Ugh, lists like this drive me crazy. I hate sitting around trying to figure out what sort of tidbits somebody else might find interesting about me. So I’ll just rattle off ten random things about myself that may or MAY NOT be interesting and we’ll leave it at that. Deal?

  1. I spent most of time in the library of my schools for pretty much most of my school-going years. In elementary school, I spent all my lunch hours there, poring over books like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. In junior high, I volunteered my lunch hours and an extra period to the school library. When I hit high school, I spent a period every day helping out in the school bookroom. So how is it that I’m not a librarian today? Who knows!
  2. I’ve fostered two litters of small kittens. They were strays that were born in our yard. (Don’t worry, we caught and spayed the mothers of each litter.) I still believe that taking care of tiny kittens around the clock was one of the most frustrating but rewarding experiences of my life. I would definitely do it again and have given serious thought to becoming a foster for a local shelter.
  3. I actually do know basic sign language. It might be basic but it’ll still carry me through a conversation with somebody the slow way, if need be! Or you know, there’s the cell phone way.
  4. I cannot stand foam or styrofoam. Everything about the texture and the sound of it sends horrible shivers down my spine.
  5. Conversely, I like having my head touched and my hair played with. It gives me an extremely pleasant and calm sensation. I’ve since learned this sensation has a name but I’ve already forgotten what it is.
  6. I’d say about half my closet is filled with clothing I’ve bought from the thrift shop. Ours has a pretty nice selection for much less than half the cost at retail shops. Since I’m no fashionista, this low cost closet makes me happy (and my husband’s wallet happy too!)
  7. Speaking of the poor husband’s wallet… I am finally doing the things I always wished I could do but I was too anxious, shy, and afraid to do in my younger years. I’m traveling more and going to more events, concerts, and conventions. It feels really nice to be able to let go of that unhealthy weight of anxiety and just DO things again.
  8. I just got done watching Parks & Recreation for the second time and I feel a lot like April does–I’m in my 30s and I still have no idea what I really want to do with my life. I’m attending college and going for an associate’s degree but what will I do afterward? Keep going and pursue a bachelor’s degree? In what? I don’t know what I want to do with my life because I haven’t experimented enough!
  9. If only I could get paid to foster animals!
  10. Writing is still one of my biggest passions but I haven’t outlined a new book idea in a long time. I feel like I sprained my creative brain… or I used so much of its resources on roleplay that I don’t know what to write by myself anymore. But the thing is, I just want to write, and it doesn’t matter if I’m paid or not. It does to my husband and our wallet, though. So I should really do something soon…

My First Love

Honestly, this is going to sound trite but my first love is my husband. I know I’m in my 30s and that sounds ridiculous but I didn’t really date much as a youngster. There were various guys that I guess you could say I had a crush on over the years but most of them were never acknowledged. I believe my first crush was a boy in junior high school who played basketball. I wanted to look cool to him so I started hardcore playing a lot of basketball. After that, I didn’t really do things just to impress other people because, well, he never noticed me so it seemed like a pointless effort.

I never had to impress my husband. We met playing D&D. I used to play a lot of it when I lived in Mariposa and I really missed those days so I reached out on MYSPACE of all places. I found people there that I’m still friends with today! And of course, my husband, whom I met through somebody I met to play D&D with.

I really miss the days where we all got together as a group to play D&D. I know it’s back to my roots but it was also a way to spend time with my friends. I only have a handful of friends but I only really see one on a regular basis. (And hey, I met him through Myspace D&D searching, too!)

Since I’m just babbling now, I’ll leave it at that. 😉

Initial Thoughts on Fire Emblem Fates

Do you ever get that feeling where you want to like something but you can’t seem to find it in you to like it? On paper, Fire Emblem Fates should be right up my alley. But as it was with Awakening, I can’t seem to make myself like it much. I’m going to plug along and try but I think the biggest turn off to me (strangely enough) is the weird dating sim aspect of it. On Harvest Moon, I love courting my amour and having children. I love otome games like Norn9 and Sweet Fuse. So you’d think adding in a marriage element to a Fire Emblem game would be right up my alley but it’s really not.

I guess I haven’t fallen in love with these newer characters in the same way I did to past FE games. It’s not a chronological order thing, either. Blazing Swords and Path of Radiance were my two ultimate favorite entries in the series. I didn’t like Sacred Stones or its characters quite as much as I did in those two and PoR’s sequel was pretty rad (I looked forward to it for ages!) but didn’t quite hit the same notes for me as its predecessor did.

I’m sure if I play it more (I’m only on chapter 5), I’ll grow to like it more. I haven’t given it enough time to fully get to know the characters–I haven’t even MET half of them yet. So I will continue to play it in the hopes that it gives me some of those emotions my favorites in the series did.

What’s funny is, I also picked up several PS4 games, one of which is Disgaea 5. I’m thoroughly enjoying Disgaea 5. While not my favorite entry in the series, I love the quirky characters mixed in with a serious story delivered in a light-hearted tone. It’s exactly what I’ve always expected from Disgaea and the series has yet to let me down.

Let me know what you think about these games and the series they come from in the comments below!