KCON 2014

KCON 2014 was pretty exciting. I didn’t spend much time at the con itself because I was highly disinterested in the panels (who wants to hear people read fan fiction aloud or learn how to react to a video—who needs to LEARN how to react, period? Yeah.) And since I didn’t win any passes or engagements for anything, I was like “I don’t want to stand out here in the heat and pay 4 bucks for a 1 dollar bottle of water. Pfft.”

I was there for the concerts and possible merchandise (the only things I bought at the con itself were two magazines with giant pictures of idols. Yassss! Everything else wasn’t quite what I expected—I would have liked bags, sweaters for the winter, cell cases…) My friend bought me a BAP fan though and it came in WAY handy at the concert on Sunday night. (Too bad I forgot it on Saturday.)

Saturday night was pretty damn awesome. B1A4 was freaking adorable with their squirt guns, jumping around all excitable. I was mostly watching for Gongchan and I was pretty excited that he actually came over to our side of the stage quite a few times. (We were in a shitty spot, so we spent most of the concert looking at butts, which isn’t bad but… you know.)

Teen Top was pretty active, too. VIXX was really great. I got all kinds of excited when Eternity started (even though they didn’t play my favorite song of theirs, it was worth it!) IU was so adorable in her little dress and bright, glittery shoes. Sadly, I didn’t know any of her songs because I’ve only seen her in Dream High but she was such a cutie. I had a nasty panic attack (I have GAD and social anxiety…) so I had to leave during G-Dragon’s performance. The noise level doubled during his performance and the people around me were stifling me… 🙁

Sunday night, for me, was VASTLY more exciting. I LOVE Jung Joon Young and CNBLUE and BTS in particular! YAY! I’m not really into a lot of the girl groups (and I honestly never even heard of SPICA before KCON but they turned out to be really catchy.)

BTS was so energetic and so into their performance that it’s impossible not to be pulled into that energy. I loved every song they performed and I was singing along, cheering them on. They even kept their aerial moves which I was vastly impressed with. Yaaay!

By and far, though, my most favorite performance was from Jung Joon Young. I think I screamed louder for him than anybody else (my throat’s still sore). He’s such an awkward guy when he tries to emcee but as soon as it was time to perform, he delivered. Such flawless vocals and the live band was just UMF. The Michael Jackson cover. Hahaha! Oh, it was so much fun to watch him strut his stuff. 10/10, would see again.

Same with CNBLUE. I kinda lost my shit even before they were on stage.  I loved the live band, I think this kind of performance is just my favorite when it comes to seeing the guys live. <333 The second they come to the states, I’m seeing Royal Pirates. (But I still really, really, REALLY want to see GOT7, MYNAME, and Topp Dogg live some day…)

So yeah, definitely enjoyed the concerts. Now I’m home and just looking at all the pictures and videos and I wouldn’t say I miss being in LA (the traffic, UGH) but I definitely miss the excitement and high of being at a concert watching groups I love.

Rachel Aseltine

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