NOVEMBER 4: memory

He missed him. Life wasn’t the same without Blue. There were days when he felt close to the end of his rope with him, when he didn’t know how to react to the things he did or said. Those years were long past him, nothing but a distant memory, but they had shaped Raziel into the man he was today. Blue had shaped him into the man he was today.

He missed him. He thought about him all that time he was gone, believing he had died out there. It killed him, his own inaction, his own hand in his demise. And when he discovered he was alive, it killed him that Blue had survived without him. He taught him well, but now he knew Blue was still alive and that there was nothing now between them. They were no longer partners or brothers or whatever it was one would have called them. They were nothing and Raziel had nobody but himself to blame.

He missed him. He shouldn’t have walked away the way he did. Raziel looked down at his own hands. So he was willing to bend his knee to him and beg forgiveness but he… Raziel closed his eyes, wishing he could shut out his own thoughts. They were loud, playing over and over in his mind, from the past, from just recently, there were flashes of images, the sound of his voice, the sound of his own voice saying stupid, foolish things. Raziel turned his head. He missed him but now he was nothing but a memory.

NOVEMBER 5: three

It used to be the three of them. Wiley remembered those days–they seemed like they were a long time ago. There was himself, of course, and then there was little Leelee, his cute little shadow, and lastly, there was Tristan, who acted like he hated Wiley’s guts but was still counted amongst Wiley’s top three people in the camp (because he counted himself, too!).

Now things were different. Tristan just stared at him like he seriously hated his guts now, instead of just playing around (that was how Wiley saw it, anyway) and Leelee skulked and sulked and stared, too. The three was just Wiley. Or… Now it was Wiley and Blue and everybody else was just background noise.

It wasn’t a bad thing, having Blue, though. Wiley just wished he could have been an addition, instead of having to subtract people. He thought pretty much since Blue came around, the three had broken up because Tristan liked Blue and Blue liked Wiley and Leelee like Wiley but Wiley liked Blue. It was a whole head game and Wiley was admittedly not good at head games. Unless he was playing chess with Tristan but that was a whole different thing. Winning against Tristan was funny because Tristan got so mad and indignant. That was probably because he saw Wiley as a thing beneath him but that was okay because Wiley didn’t think the same.

Leelee barely even talked to him or Blue anymore. She really, really didn’t like Blue, which was hardly fair. Just because Blue came here and Wiley liked him didn’t mean everybody should hate him. Leelee hated Blue, Tristan hated Wiley. He wished it could be less dramatic, honestly. He wished they could all chill and just get along.


Rachel Aseltine

R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

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