Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again: Christmas! It’s been an eventful December for us. My toothache came roaring back and my face swelled up. I had to go to the urgent care clinic out here to get some antibiotics. The timing was awful, since we just bought a thousand gifts only a couple days beforehand.

Oh and the antibiotics! Well, I have a severe choking phobia and so I don’t swallow large pills. The small ones, about Advil sized or smaller, I can take now, through a bit of training. But antibiotics are traditionally pretty large and these ones were no exception. Luckily, the pharmacist said I could open up the capsules and pour the powder into pudding to take them.

One cup of pudding is pretty quick to eat but the bitter taste of those antibiotics. *SHUDDER* It was only eleven days of my life but it was still nasty. Three times a day, I had to choke down pudding sprinkled with drugs. I got through it and I thought I would see a dentist three days from my last dose. Sadly, that was not to be. I won’t be covered by my husband’s insurance until the first of next year so we had to reschedule my appointment for the sixth. Aw…

Now we’re here, Christmas Day! The household is sick with some nasty flu but we’re going to mom’s later tonight for a dinner and some games, along with the usual gift exchanging. It should be a good time and it’s just the day.

Yesterday, my sister and brother were blowing up my phone, so I’m sure they want to see me, too!

Anyway, it’s 3:30 in the morning so I need to get some sleep.

Merry Christmas!

Rachel Aseltine

R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

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