Off to a winning start

I wrote the first 1600 words of my novel in an hour. However, I’ve fallen slightly behind due to my visit at mom’s. I don’t regret a thing, since I got to see my aunt come home from the hospital and play games with my family. It’s really nice to see them all again and it soothed some of the anxieties I’ve been feeling. (Then of course my brother started to guilt me.)

I’ll try to post snippets of my novel as I go so look out for those. I’m also going to attempt the prompt I mentioned before–it will just have to wait until after NaNo is over!

For now, here’s day one of my prompt challenge on Somnia:

NOVEMBER 1: accessible

All right! Here he went! He could do this! He was so pumped that he could practically smell him out there. A small blue ball of flame, Wisp turned round and round in bright circles, leaving a neon blue trail behind him as he went. Then he zoomed right down the hallway and through the kitchen, around the table, over the counters. The equivalent of adrenaline ran through his natural body and he pulsed with the energy, the excitement.

Master! Master! Master! he called cheerfully, though his words were without a voice. Only his master would hear it, his energy only accessible by his master. Wisp’s energy rarely flagged when he was inside the warm apartment, flitting around. Where there was light, heat, and energy, he was at his best and his strongest. Also… at his most hyper, as humans called it. Personally, he didn’t think his energy could be called hyperactive when it was his default state of being, really. He was energy, he was heat, he was light!

Air and fire helped him exponentially. Moisture, however, had a suffocating effect. He would smolder and gasp for breath the wetter he became; he really disliked rain, wet weather, anything of the sort. Whenever his master bathed, for example, he usually left him well enough alone.

“Josh, get your flashlight under control,” he heard one of his master’s human friends say in his good-natured tone. Wisp lit around his head a few times. Desmond. He was one of Wisp’s favorites because he seemed to always naturally default to good-natured.

Rachel Aseltine

R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

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