It’s a little early but I’m already at that point in my NaNo novel where I hate what I’m writing… Just going to keep chugging along because I want to at least finish this thing but once it’s over, I need to go back to my one of my older novels and get in some editing…

Apricot Excerpt

“How did I get here?”
Her voice still didn’t rise above a whisper. Her voice sounded as pale as Chase looked. Wispy, insubstantial, fragile.
Chase’s lips moved and Iris leaned in close, closer, hoping to hear whatever he kept from her, whatever he held on his tongue. Desperately, he held it but she knew he wanted to share it. She waited. Chase didn’t say it. He averted his gaze. Iris closed her eyes and lifted her head. The heat from the late afternoon sun warmed her, warding off the chill that started deep in the pit of her stomach.
“I was in the atrium,” she tried to explain. Her teeth shook. She felt almost numb from the cold of it. It. Whatever it was.
“I was in the atrium only a few minutes ago. Only a few seconds ago. Chase. Chase…” Her voice shook and rattled. “Chase, please help me.”
“Apricot,” he said.


As National Novel Writing Month approaches, I’ve begun my outline. I’m pretty psyched about this story (as I’ve finally settled on one) and I think I’m going to enjoy writing this. Since the start, I believe I’m much better at taking the outline approach in my Nano stories. My first year went much better than I expected because I had an outline ready and prepared by October, as opposed to the rest of my novels (save 2012’s Lightning and Lullaby, which also had an outline). So I’m definitely taking the outline approach this year as well.

So basically, for me, my outlines consist of a skeleton of each scene that I need to hit. As I write, new ones make themselves known but as long as I hit each of the planned scenes, I’m good! I can elaborate them as I go, which I usually do. There are also character building scenes, but even these have a goal/impact in mind.

I’m not going to show my actual outline for this year’s novel because that would be a huge spoiler. Pretty soon I’ll have a one line summary up so keep an eye out for that!


Good News, Everyone!

Well, the good news is that Haru’s lump (see previous blog post) has gone down by a lot. I noticed it was shrinking but today I couldn’t even find it! The vet thinks it might have just been a swollen lymph node. The antibiotics really seem to be doing the trick, so I think he’ll be just fine. Yay! Color me relieved.

Anyway, as I mentioned a while back on Facebook, I am currently in the planning stages of my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) book. I’m going in a very different direction this year. Rather than go with fantasy again (I don’t seem to connect to fantasy the way I want to), I’ve decided to try my hand at horror. This will be ah, interesting, to say the least but I have a couple of really fun ideas percolating. I guess you’ll have to wait until November to see which idea I end up going with! *wink*

I’m actually looking forward to this.

That being said, I’m probably going to take down my current novels soon because they’re both amateur drivel and I don’t believe I’m going to be continuing either of them as a series. The Lightning “series” is actually a standalone novel that I’ll be editing and compiling soon and it will see a new release sometime next year. My experiments proved less than fruitful and I have several suspicions as to why. As for the Calydon series, while popular with friends and family, I also believe it received less than stellar editing so I’m going to have to revisit it again in later years.

For now? Let’s see how I can handle horror, shall we?