Change of plans!

I have a brand new concept for my novel this year. I’m really excited for this new idea because I think it’s pretty original and has a lot of potential. It was from a wild dream I had last night and I shared most of it with my fiance. He seemed to think it was interesting as well. Obviously, I have to flesh out a few things from the dream version but I think it’s a real winner. Eeek! I can’t wait to see what my family and friends think. <3


As National Novel Writing Month approaches, I’ve begun my outline. I’m pretty psyched about this story (as I’ve finally settled on one) and I think I’m going to enjoy writing this. Since the start, I believe I’m much better at taking the outline approach in my Nano stories. My first year went much better than I expected because I had an outline ready and prepared by October, as opposed to the rest of my novels (save 2012’s Lightning and Lullaby, which also had an outline). So I’m definitely taking the outline approach this year as well.

So basically, for me, my outlines consist of a skeleton of each scene that I need to hit. As I write, new ones make themselves known but as long as I hit each of the planned scenes, I’m good! I can elaborate them as I go, which I usually do. There are also character building scenes, but even these have a goal/impact in mind.

I’m not going to show my actual outline for this year’s novel because that would be a huge spoiler. Pretty soon I’ll have a one line summary up so keep an eye out for that!