Falling behind here a bit… Here’s day 2’s prompt a day late.

NOVEMBER 2: teeny

“I have something to show you,” Adair said over the phone in his cute mischievous voice. Cam eyed the other guys in the studio, a slow grin forming on his face. Most of them were going through the motions of their dance, some were muttering songs under their breath. Cam turned away from them. Something to show him, huh?

“Oh yeah?” He looked at the time on his watch. “How about I come by your place in oh, fifteen?”

“Fifteen! You’re really eager, aren’t you?”

Cam laughed. Of course he was. After years of chasing around the unmovable, it was nice to be wanted back. There might have been some small part of him that was always holding out for Alan. He still had stupid photographs and little things he pilfered from his as a child. They weren’t big things, but they were mementos to remember him by. Did Alan ever notice those things went missing? Even if he did, he probably never would have thought to check Cam’s bottom drawer, underneath his t-shirts. (Not everybody used the old underwear trick.)

“I’ll see you in fifteen, babe,” he pressed. Adair couldn’t expect to call him with that taunt and not have him show up on his doorstep. What could he possibly have to show him? Some kind of new underwear collection? Adair was a model, after all… He could have some kinda kinky outfit. Cam’s eyebrow rose at the thought of it. Not that Adair was ever that kind of model. If anything, he fell into the occupation quite by accident.

“Later guys,” Cam said to the others, not caring whether they wanted him to stay or not.

Standing outside the apartment door at Adair’s place, he was totally expecting him to answer the door half clothed or something. Instead, the door opened just a tiny bit and he could just make out one blue eye staring back at him. Cam leaned forward, inspecting that blue eye.

“You are naked under there!” he said, because he liked being right and he tended to be on the vocal side of being right. He heard Adair laugh, then he moved back and opened the door. Much to Cam’s disappointment, Adair was not in a state of undress, nor was he wearing anything nice and kinky. And then, there it was. It was thrust into his arms, a teeny little cotton ball of a puppy with floppy ears and coal black eyes.

“What?” Cam said, confused as he took it and looked at it. It licked his nose. “A puppy?”

Rachel Aseltine

R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

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