Time For A Vacation!

On Friday June 13, 2014, my guinea pig Stryker passed away. He had complications with his teeth which made it difficult for him to eat. Three vet visits later and he died in the vet’s office of a heart attack. Already sick and in pain, he couldn’t handle the stress of the examination. I blame myself for not noticing his teeth problems much earlier and even for taking him to the vet but I didn’t know that it was going to send him over the edge. As they say, hindsight is 20/20…

Anyway, now we’re getting ready to go on a vacation that’s been in the works for the past couple of months. We’re going out to memorialize my fiance’s aunt, who passed away last fall. We’re also going to San Francisco, which I actually expressed interest in visiting shortly after my excursion to the B.A.P concert this April.

I’m looking forward to getting out and doing something after all the stress. My aunt is also very sick and doesn’t want to get surgery to possibly correct the problem. I can’t blame her. It sounds like a terrifying procedure. On top of that, I get pretty stressed out living with my fiance’s sister and her husband because the house is always a mess and I never have any alone time whatsoever. I should correct that; I have alone time in my room but it’s not the same as the old days. I used to have a schedule. Get up, check messages, post, clean up the house, do some yoga. But it’s difficult to keep to my schedule when there’s somebody always lurking around (or… making messes). His sister’s not so bad… It’s the husband being out of work. I don’t like having somebody home with me 24/7. I need a break and time to be all alone in the house sometimes!

I’m also looking forward to eating something other than baked chicken or pizza. It seems like the menu of the year so far.

It will be nice to get out for a while and just see a place that isn’t Taft or Bakersfield for a while. The weather forecast also appears to be 10-20 degrees cooler out in Northern California. Celebration time!

I’ve also been planning an excursion out to LA this August for KCON, a Kpop convention and two night concert! But it’s been stressing me out ever since I decided I wanted to go (which I decided in April, after successfully seeing B.A.P with minimal anxiety.) Cross your fingers that my friend will get us the tickets we need to go! Otherwise all that stressing out was for absolutely nothing.

Rachel Aseltine

R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

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