Top 10 Video Game Theme Songs

10. I’m going to start this list with a fun classic. Final Fantasy VIII wasn’t amongst the most popular games but whether you loved or hated the game itself, you have to admit that the music was still top notch. So my number ten slot goes to:

The Man With The Machine Gun – Final Fantasy VIII

9. Here’s a different type of song right here, replete with interesting xylophone sounds. Dimentio was my favorite Paper Mario character, hands down. But this song is even better. Love it!

Super Dimentio Battle Theme – Super Paper Mario

8. This song makes me all weepy eyed every time I listen to it. I think a large part of that is because I can identify with the lyrics. Maybe I’m not autistic like the main female character from the game but sometimes, I can really identify with her as a character. Especially the part where he can’t read her and she doesn’t know what to do. 🙁

Everything’s Alright – To The Moon

7. Strega might be my favorite group in Persona 3 but their battle theme song isn’t my favorite. Gotta be honest, it was tough not to put in the various versions of the pharmacy song from the Persona 2 games just for the lulz. But for serious, this is my favorite Persona song:

Heartful Cry – Persona 3 FES

6. It’s so hard to pick just one of my favorite songs from the Sonic series. I honestly loved pretty much all of them in 2 and 3. But I have to give it to the Ice Cap Zone for this one. I love this song so much!

Ice Cap Zone Act 1 – Sonic 3

5. Here we go with another boss battle theme that starts all sad and then gets all cool. I sadface though when I hear the start of this song because I know what’s coming. Here you go:

Irony of Fate – Tales of Destiny

4. I always felt awesome when this song started because I knew I was getting somewhere in my investigation. Plus, it’s so darn jaunty.

Cornered – Phoenix Wright

3. There are a lot of songs by Akira Yamaoka–the composer for the Silent Hill games–that I love and it was tough to choose just one to list here. Maybe one of these days, I’ll make a list of the top ten Silent Hill songs. For now, however, I’ll leave you with this haunting number:

Save Before You Quit – Silent Hill 3

2. In second place comes another nostalgic song from an older JRPG. This song is actually an opening theme song rather than background music but I think it still counts. Just listening to this song makes me feel peaceful and happy inside.

Song of Mana – Legend of Mana

1. And in first place for best video game theme song! The following is my favorite video game theme song of all time. It captured my heart and emotions during the game so perfectly that it has remained with me through all these years. That honor goes to:

Reminiscence – Suikoden II.

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