The following is for a character prompt exercise. I was given five words to use in two paragraphs. I might have cheated a little with the one word dialogue paragraph. Shhh.


My words: School, tropical, glass, benefit, hands.




Creak. The chair groaned and squeaked beneath him as he leaned forward, hands wrapping slowly around the glass sitting in front of him. How long had it been? Two whole years. Sobriety never did agree with him. I’m not getting drunk, he told himself. It’s just one drink. Amber liquid swirled as he lifted the glass to his lips, finishing off its contents. Ahh… He closed his eyes, head bowed. Clink. He pushed the glass back and away.




He opened his eyes, tensing. His gaze darted to the side but he didn’t see anybody immediately in his field of vision. He did, however, scent something tropical in the air. Frangipani? Lucy used to school him on various flowers, tucking them behind his ear while her lips curved up in that knowing half-smile. He remembered frangipani because the name sounded so ridiculously made up. The only benefit? Frangipani happened to be one of Lucy’s personal favorites. Rory narrowed his eyes and turned to look over his shoulder.

Rachel Aseltine

R.A. Aseltine is an author and roleplayer living in California with her husband, guinea pig, and five cats.

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